GoldBox 7-Day Promotion

January 20. 2018

Hello everyone

We provide new events by inviting you to join the rise of warrior.
this event is a 7-day gold box. with the effect you get as follows:
1. + 50% Damage to Farm Monters
2. + 50% Drop Gold
3. 10% Discount Blackmarket
4. 10% Discount Upgrade
5. 10% Discount Metal upgrade
the effect of the gold box can be combined with the tower effect if the race wins.

But we have only certain country provisions that can get this promo event.
the country includes:
1. Philippine
2. Vietnam
3. Thailand
4. China
5. South Korea
6. HongKong
7. Peru
8. Brazil
9. Romania
10. Venezuela

you who are in the country can get this promo event. by clicking and remember this using the mobile phone number associated with the country to verify.

thank you