Update v7.6

January 20. 2018

Detail Update 7.6

- Reseted all skill on character
- Reset Priest and Enchanter class to main class
- Fix Minor Bug
- Ore Farm drop x10
- Reduces Item Medal Equipment to 1000 Medal
- Perfect Gems 250 + item convert = 25 Immortal Gems
- Reduces Price Immortals Gems to 500 Medal
* Immortal gems drop from monster farming Gems
* Tradeable/Dropable Immortal gems
- Added new Gems Grade Legendary Gems
* Legendary Gems only at medal shop with 2000 medal prices
* Legendary Gems not tradeable/dropable
- Change prices Socket puncher, Jera , Gem Crusher at Medal store
- Priest and Enchanter class has been deleted
- Change Skill Bright Armor for all class KR [Adventure trainer (KR)]
- Change Skill Enchant Weapon for Socerer [Mage Trainer (KR)]
- Change Skill Harden Skin for all Class MK [Adventure trainer (MK)]
- Fix Defence Value on Bright Armor same as Harden Skin (based on Skill Lv.)
- Change Skill Tractable Chant and Rage Chant for Cleric [Alcolyte Triner (KR)]
- Added Skill Debuff for Sorcerer and Cleric
- Reduces Stun Rate for skill Hammer of light/Lightning Arror/Dazzle/Ancient Cell
- Remove Skill Share pain for class Defender
- Added New Trial Transform at General store in both CAMP (GW/CZ)
- Added Change Nick permite at Medal Store with 50000 Medal
- Reduces cooldown skill Resurrection 20sec
- Fix Casting time for Gunner/AIM to normal speed
- Fix Damage Skill Absorb
- Changing Skill Flash for Life Ofc to Dazzle
- Added Quest Puzzle for Upgrade Ring AAA to S
- New System Playtime to Rcoin at website